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THE M.I.S.A. MISSION: To unite all licensed private investigation and security professionals for the purpose of improving professionalism and standards, to effect legislation in local, state, and federal arenas, to share innovative ideas and scientific techniques and provide a forum for personal and business growth.

Our membership’s business is either professional security, private investigators or related companies. Integrity, honor and assurance are the true hallmarks of our business conduct. Through our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we are able to provide our services in a manner in which our policies and philosophies are implemented in the best interests of those we serve.

It is our objective to provide our clients with the most comprehensive security services by offering programs designed for maximum protection with minimum constraints placed on those whose safety, property and technology we ensure. Our primary concern is to make it possible for our clients to confidently conduct their business, corporate and personal lives in a secure environment, enabling them to concentrate on accomplishing routine obligations unhampered by apprehension and concern. Whether our client is concerned about personal, residential or professional situations, we will make expert and professional recommendations on counteracting the condition and provide the services needed to implement those options.

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Theodore Wojcik
29531 Matthewstown Road
Easton, MD 21601
Phone: 410-714-2408
Fax: 443 385-0318

Mid Atlantic Tactical Services (MATS) is a full service Gunsmith and FFL Manufacturing company that Buys/Sells Firearms and Accessories. As a preferred Rock River Arms Distributor, just about any brand of firearm or accessory can be procured at competitive pricing. Check with us BEFORE you purchase or service your firearm from someplace else. MATS is also an Authorized GunsAmerica Transfer Location and provide Transfers for individuals as well. As a Licensed FFL Manufacturer, we are able to provide to Dealers spent shell casings for MSP Handgun Sale Requirements. 'WHEN YOU DEPEND ON YOUR WEAPON, DEPEND ON US'.


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